"Gianna Abondolo is clearly a musician of exceptional talent” -Terry McQuilkin, The Los Angeles Times

“A lyrical performer with a judicious delicacy” -David Bratman, San Francisco Classical Voice

“Indeed, Gianna Abondolo was the real star of the occasion.” 

-Kenneth Brown, The Santa Barbara News Press

“Her cello sighed as eloquently as any diva expiring on stage” -Greg Hettmansberger, Santa Barbara News Press

“Her reading of the Haydn concerto was supple, profound, and brilliantly executed. In her (own) cadenzas, she revealed herself as a subtle, original musical thinker.” -The Santa Barbara Independent

“Through The Low Hills, for piano and cello, was wonderfully played by the extraordinary Gianna Abondolo, with the composer on piano. I must also say something about the performance by cellist Gianna Abondolo, who teaches at Mills College here in Oakland. There are many performers who appear on stage staring at their music and looking like they are in a constant state of panic (and maybe they are!). Ms Abondolo, on the other hand, was the picture of divine serenity. Her gracious bowing and poise gave the performance the grace and stature it demands. I only wish other performers could study her stage presence… it does a lot for the full appreciation of the music being performed. With so many eyeballs focused on stage, the way the performance looks is as important as the music itself” -Richard Friedman, KALW Radio, “Music from Other Minds

“Abondolo's refulgent tone projected the music's depth, especially in the third movement "Moderato", and the opening and closing chorales, where the diminishing dynamics seem to suggest a receding landscape or memory”-Michael McDonagh, San Francisco Classical Voice












Of her own Compositions:

“A rhythmically rich score, music at times joyful, at times anxious, but always eerily shadowy. A true delight” -The Santa Barbara Independent

“Sensual and lyrical” -Gabriela Lena Frank, Composer

"Anemone" (by G. Abondolo), a slow and achingly beautiful study on self-reflection” -The Santa Barbara Independent

“A truly standout piece was “Anemone” featuring a solo dancer Melissa Ullom and cellist Gianna Abondolo. The cello and lyrical-style dancing complemented each other wonderfully, creating a very emotional piece.”-Dianne Jobson, Daily Nexus, Univ. Californina Santa Barbara